It all starts at the entrance…

PAN Corp has platformed and standardized security, now called iSaac. iSaac is not just a device. iSaac is a corporate player that is able to enforce, maintain and perpetuate the rules that provide a long-term guarantee of a company’s operational security. iSaac involves everyone equally and evenly in the creation of the corporate safety, because it is the first jointly created “product”, the first common cause.

Just one step.

We redefined the concept of the safety permeable points and we created a safety measuring station that best suited the flow dynamics. When I say just one step, I say three in one. Main switch, product protection device, biometric identifier.

Security is measurable.

The measurement accuracy of the sensors is excellent, the handling of different statuses is fast, the maintenance of the required level of security is guaranteed.

I said, there is only one step to the solution.


Just a touch

We have created a unique logic of customer management tuned to industry security. We have enabled the user to become himself as his own security administrator, giving him all the assistance that guarantees his personal safety and the company’s business interests. Security is palpable.

There are several language settings to make the experience personal.

User-friendly design for the easy operation.

Hardware designed according to the customer’s identity and an unlimited variable interface. Choose the status that suits you and the menu system assigned to it will help you reach your goal as quickly as possible.

You’re not alone. You can trust iSaac’s connections.

Just a greeting.

iSaac is the only security platform, on which the sensor that detects the presence of alcohol has been integrated into a microphone housing that fits the mood of the pulpit so that the way of use is obvious, simple and pleasing to everyone.

We appreciate your greeting.

The uniqueness and accuracy of the solution is guaranteed by the safety sensor that measures the air flow. iSaac accepts only the real cooperation. Sufficient quantity and targeted strength of air is required for a valid measurement result. You can feel the security.


60 seconds,
120 mm height

What can happen at each minute in our platforms life:

  • 6 alcohol probe tests,
  • 6 biometric identification,
  • 6 personal identification based on RFID,
  • 6 product safety inspections by weight,
  • 6 product safety inspections based on material,
  • 6 digital documents with all logged shares, timestamps,
  • 6 working time checks,
  • 6 alerts of unauthorized card use
  • 6 alerts of unauthorized access attempts
  • 6 signs of alcohol in the breath
  • 6 signals to detect +/- weight
  • 6 notification for arrival

… Meanwhile, it reduces

  • security personnel,
  • overall cost of security,
  • loss, unknown deficit,
  • subjectivity in security process management,
  • the risk of illegal activity, employment,
  • unreasonable use of paper and storage capacity.

… and also increases

  • the efficiency at the security point,
  • speed in case management,
  • documentation in administration,
  • reliability in the required processes,
  • cost savings
  • effectiveness in reducing deficits,
  • willingness to cooperate with stakeholders,
  • information flow rate and arrival rate throughout the system,
  • positive corporate perception.

And more importantly

iSaac can display the information anywhere you need. You can get help at the point and on the topic where and what you really need. Give us an operational map and define security, registration, information and training points together to bring the most effective tool and create a knowledge space.

The iSaac 4.0 industrial safety basic module’s demonstration video.

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